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Two Foxes believes in providing products to the construction market to support efficiency in the workplace: 


Two Foxes Carpet protection film is a high-quality self-adhesive film specifically designed for covering carpets. It prevents trip hazards normally associated with traditional dust sheets by sticking to carpet without the need for tape.  

This film protects carpet against paint, spillage, plaster, rhinolite and other construction debris, and it can be vacuumed, swept or moped throughout the project. It has a secure adhesive grip that keeps in place for 30 days but is easily removed without leaving a residue. We suggest using our applicator to apply the film for easier application, please contact us for more info. Alternatively, it can be applied by hand, or you can call us to apply the film for you. 

Why use Two Foxes?  

  • Protects carpets from paint, spillage, plaster, rhinolite, construction debris and dust  
  • No more tripping on loose dust sheets  
  • Highly tear resistant 
  • Easy to apply and remove by hand or by using an applicator  
  • Saves money by eliminating cleaning costs and expensive replacements costs  
  • Saves time by eliminating cleaning  
  • Promotes Health & Safety adherence  
  • Used internationally  
  • It keeps in place for 30 days 
  • We ship anywhere in South Africa. Contact us to order  


  • This film is for temporary use only, it should be replaced 30 days during normal use, or immediately if damaged. Exceeding this time period can result in an adhesive transfer or residue 
  • Carpet protection film is for carpeted surfaces only 
  • Recommended for synthetic carpeting only (not suitable for wool, handmade or silk carpets) 
  • Surfaces should be clean and dry to ensure optimum adhesion (do not use on wet / damp areas) 
  • Where liquids fall onto Carpet protection film, take care not to tread them onto unprotected areas 
  • If in doubt regarding use, apply in a small area first to test 
  • This water-based adhesive means that if a bit of residue is left once the protection is pulled up, it can easily be removed with water 
  • Heat, moisture, direct sunlight exposure and length of application can affect the product performance on a surface and may result in excessive adhesion, back-blocking or surface transfer problems 
  • For tile, wood or glass protection please contact us to obtain information on other protection films available 
  • Allow 72 hours before applying to newly laid carpets 

Storage: For best results, this product should be stored at room temperatures between 16-27°C and relative humidity levels between 30%-70%. 

Coming soon: we will be launching our other protection film soon which includes tile protection film, glass protection film and laminated flooring protection film.  


  • Drywall installations 
  • Suspended ceilings 
  • Flush plastered ceilings 
  • Bulkheads 
  • H-strip ceilings 


  • Laminated flooring 
  • Vinyl flooring 
  • Carpet Tiles 
  • Stretch carpet 
  • Parquet flooring 
  • Flooring installations 


We are approved applicators of well-known brands. Our projects comprise of commercial, residential and industrial painting.